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They Did What?: 

Watch this mesmerizing fire tornado filmed in slow motion

Remember The Slow Mo Guys? The duo shot to YouTube stardom by filming ordinary things on expensive cameras, then slowing the footage down to make it look extraordinary. They started out messing around with balloons and watermelons, but quickly began to play with fire – they even blew up a building. Now, they’ve created a fire tornado.

What’s a fire tornado, you ask? Take a look at the video below;

In nature, fire tornadoes can be devastating. They’re the combination of two already very dangerous things – fire and tornadoes (duh) – combining to make a doubly dangerous swirling vortex of fire.

While that might not sound like something you’d want to recreate, The Slow Mo Guys will stop at nothing in the name of filming something cool science.

To create the effect, the pair lit a tub filled with kerosene surrounded by fans. They then switched the fans on, and sound almost surprised to watch their experiment working so effectively.

It hopefully goes without saying that this isn’t something you should ever try at home. Especially considering the Slow Mo Guys have already filmed it for you, with infinitely superior footage than you’re ever going to get on your smartphone.

To see more videos like this, read our Slow Mo Guys feature or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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