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They Did What?: 

Fondue Slippers mold to your feet


This slimy moulded footwear was inspired by melted cheese

Designer Satsuki Ohata, is known for his lively illustrations and flamboyant ideas like The Kyo no Iremono (a musical condiment container), and a walking stick that creates soap bubbles. His latest idea is no less strange.

Fondue Slippers is a quirky footwear concept that helps you create the slippers of your dreams. All you need to do is dip your feet in liquid PVC and set the mould at 200 to 300 degrees Celsius – it’s advised you take your feet out first.

The outcome is a spray-on-the-skin slipper that sticks to feet like second skin and is strong enough to withstand both indoor and outdoor use. According to the creator, the applied mould can be bent at the heel to be turned into house slippers, or even worn without the fold as shoes that can be used for running.

The DIY kit turns you into a shoe maker

The DIY kit turns you into a shoe maker

Since the plastic is waterproof, fondue slippers can also be used outside the house and cleaned simply with a quick rinse of water.

The project was introduced at The Milano Salone Satellite exhibit – an annual event to promote young talented designers and their work. Ohata has already started to work on the plans for mass production of the slippers.

fondue slippers

Voila – a pair of fondue slippers. An unwanted Christmas present of the future.

The DIY kit (above) is expected to contain safety gloves, a set of a semi-solid liquid and accompanying tools to help create a slipper mold that is tailored perfectly to your feet.

Ohata aims to create a brand that includes customers in the creation process, letting them engage with the product how they wish. Fondue Slippers are suitable for whatever you decide to do during the day. Run outside, clean the house or pop to the shops – these slippers are made for walking, how you use them is up to you.

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