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They Did What?: 

Forget standing desks, try lying down


Working or snoozing? It’s hard to tell.

Sitting is the new smoking, that’s the new mantra of office workers everywhere. In other words, if you sit at a desk all day – so the received wisdom goes – you’re doing some serious damage to your health. And like smoking, the risks have remained hidden for years, and are proving much greater than first thought.

Hence standing desks are becoming more and more common, but here’s one with a novel twist – you can lie down to work as well, with your feet level with your head as if you were reclining in a dentist’s chair. That’s not the only way of working, of course, but it is the most bizarre.

The Altwork Station consists of an ergonomic chair, small desk and large monitor stand, but you can add more stands and attachments if you like. You can choose to sit normally, stand, put it in collaborate mode, or take a load off and lie back for the afternoon. (In the last mode, the monitor dangles perilously above the your head, but we’re sure it’s completely safe.)

To switch between modes, press the controls on the desk-mounted pad. You can even fine-tune your position using levers.

It’s a hefty beast, weighing in at 210 lbs, and has a footprint of 18 square feet. So you’ll need plenty of room in your office. And at $5,900, it’s not cheap. Still, if it does as much good as cutting out smoking, it’ll be worth every penny. It’s expected to ship to the US West Coast in mid-2016 with the rest of the States to follow.

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