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They Did What?: 

The office of the future is a jungle gym for admin


Scientists say sitting at work is bad for you – Is this the alternative?

No matter how much you spent on that cushioned ergonomic office chair, you’ve wasted your money. Science has spoken: sitting is bad for you, so we should all move to the Netherlands and work in this quirky geometric labyrinth.

The experimental office design comes from Dutch design studio RAAAF, responding to a challenge from it’s government’s chief architect to imagine new concepts for a shared office space. It’s answer is ‘The End of Sitting‘, an art installation that asks us to remove all the boring chairs and tables and stand around awkwardly in a room filled with uncomfortable-looking grey shapes. Essentially, it’s a jungle gym for admin.

The live installation is currently being held in Amsterdam’s Looiersgacht 60 exhibit space, and – apparently – it’s more comfortable than it appears. RAAAF carefully studied body postures to design a maze of nooks and slanted surfaces that provide an asymmetrical yet relaxing working environment.


“Yup, this seems perfectly practical”

It’s not just chairs and desks that are absent from the installation, but equally there’s no room for storage cabinets, conference rooms or, well, anything that’d you associate with an office. RAAAF’s Ronald Rietveld agrees that its office is not entirely practical, but told Wired it’s not really about that, but instead simply “about showing a different way of thinking.”

The design studio has invited workers to come and try out ‘The End of Sitting’, compiling their feedback into a report that will be published early next year by researchers at the University of Gronigen. In the meantime, let us know what you think about this future office design in the comments below.

/ Via Wired.

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