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They Did What?: 

Goat Simulator gets iOS and Android apps

Goat Simulator

At last, you can now simulate a goat on your mobile too

Remember Goat Simulator? Of course you do – the glitch-riddled game went viral when it defied physics and warmed hearts earlier this year, and now it’s set to do it all over again on Android and iOS.

Until now, fans of Goat Simulator desperate to simulate a goat on their mobile device have had to make do with copycat apps and cheap imitations. That all changes today, though, as the game’s original creators Coffee Stain Studios announced the game’s official mobile version;

If you’ve played and enjoyed the first game then you’ll be pleased to learn that the mobile version is just as broken as ever. So, if you’re a first time player, don’t be surprised if you find your goat stuck inside a wall or appearing to levitate 5ft off the ground.

Looking for for more strange simulations like this? Check out our top 5 list of games that you won’t believe – and probably shouldn’t – exist.

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