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Hot Date With Nate: irresistible recipe ideas for frustrated foodies

What is it?

If you’re bored to death of reusing the same old recipe ideas, then meet Nate Uri – your hot date for the evening who wants to put the sparkle back into your kitchen.

With short and simple recipe ideas that are bubbling with character, Nate’s mission is to get ordinary people cooking extraordinary food. Nothing here is overcomplicated, and the ingredients should all be available from your local supermarket – meaning Hot Date With Nate should appeal equally to complete beginners and frustrated foodies looking to get back to basics.


Why do we like it?

      • Like any good food program, Hot Date With Nate will make you drool with hunger. These tantalizing taste sensations – from Thai basil pork to campfire beef tacos – have been stylishly shot in HD by producer Justin Evidon, making each finished dish all the more irresistible.
      • You don’t need to be wealthy to cook amazing food, and Nate’s recipes are all about those everyday ingredients. Unlike some of his celebrity chef peers, Nate’s channel won’t send you off shopping at far-flung markets and specialist delis – so there really is nothing to stop you from getting started.
      • Similarly, Nate doesn’t cook in one of those TV dream kitchens set in a preposterously idyllic country retreat. His Minneapolis-based cooking space is probably more like your own, which makes his channel all the more relatable.

One to watch

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