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They Did What?: 

At last, the IKEA furniture assembly simulator is here


It’s generally agreed that there are two types of people in this world – those who enjoy assembling IKEA furniture, and those who don’t. Brace yourselves, though, as a worrying third type has now emerged – a person who is not only content screwing together Billys and Lacks in real life, but will also willingly play an IKEA furniture assembly simulator in their spare time.

Believe it or not, Home Improvisation is a real thing – and it’s been billed as “the worlds most fun & accurate cooperative furniture assembly experience” – a field in which it surely faces heavy competition.

The gameplay itself is exactly as frustrating as you’d expect it to be, and while there’s no fiddling around with bolts and screws, you’ll still have to accurately snap together chairs and tables without an instruction manual to refer to. Tense, right? If you can last longer than a few minutes without becoming completely infuriated, the living room scene will soon be loaded with fresh parts so you can, errr, build even more furniture? The fun never stops.

Home Improvisation is not the first unbelievable gaming simulator we’ve seen, but this one makes even Airport Firefighter Simulator, Goat Simulator and Bread Simulator look like GTA V.

To be fair, the game was created in just 48 hours by The Stork Burnt Down studio at this year’s Global Game Jam. To play or even download it (yeah, that’s right), visit the developers’ website.

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