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They Did What?: 

12 Worst Kickstarter campaigns

Kickstarter is a regular source for stories at GoExplore, featuring a constant flow of imaginative and creative fundraising ideas. You may have read about Sense‘s genius sleep tracker recently? Or perhaps you’ve seen Acton’s RocketSkates or the Coolest travel cooler? Sadly, not every idea can be a hit.

It’s time to step into the dark side of Kickstarter, then, with the absolute worst ideas we’ve found when trawling the web. Brace yourself.


1. Unicorn Hat

Casually wearing my new unicorn hat

Casually wearing my new unicorn hat

Self-proclaimed author Ann Aguirre took it to Kickstarter to buy this unicorn hat to wear at book signings and conferences. Yep, this isn’t for you – this is Ann’s hat and she doesn’t look as though she’s willing to share it. “This will make me 100% more awesome and add value to all my appearances,” she says – honest, straightforward but sadly misguided.

Kickstarter goal: $90

Did it succeed? Yes! With 10 more days to go the project has raised $521 at the time of writing. We’re as stunned as you are.


2. Nothing Simulator 2015

This does exactly what it says in this tin – Nothing. We’d like to tell you it’s all an exercise in John Cage minimalism, but the truth is it’s just nothing. The video explains it all.

Kickstarter goal: $70

Did it succeed? No! Even $70 is a lot of money for absolutely nothing.


3. Turbo Beer Pong

When you’re asking an audience of complete strangers to give you $97,000, it’s worth putting a little effort into presentation. Sadly, this hopeful Kickstarter didn’t get the memo, producing a video that would have looked unprofessional had it been made my pre-schoolers.

Kickstarter goal: $97,000

Did it succeed? No! The selling pitch only convinced 3 backers.


4. Twerk Island: A Real Contest Movie

This was an attempt to fund a movie about a ‘famous rich girl’ organizing a world championship Twerk / Dance contest with twenty top dance groups and DJs. Confusing to say the least, let alone ridiculous. Their video pitch lasts 1 second and is essentially a picture.

Kickstarter goal: $1,000,000

Did it succeed? No! Do we need to explain why?


5. Titanoboa: 50ft Electromechanical Serpent

Like the rest of us, this man wants to build an enormous life-like serpent machine. He was just the first to take the initiative.

Kickstarter goal: $10,000

Did it succeed? Yes! Errr, here it is.


6. Meat Soap – Get That Bacon-Fresh Scent!

Who doesn’t love meat? Vegetarians I guess. Well, can you imagine their reaction if you showed up smelling like a freshly sizzled bacon rasher? This is a project about meat-scented soap.

Kickstarter goal: $1,500

Did it succeed? Yes! Because who needs Chanel when you shower with your meat-scented soap?


7. PAUL – The Sexiest Smartphone Charger on the Planet

“PAUL” is the name of your new smartphone charger – essentially a naked man’s body used as charging station for your phone. The phone sits on the statue’s private area while the cable comes through his bottom, obviously. The footage is disturbing.

Kickstarter goal: $8,000

Did it succeed? No! Thank God no!


8. Grizz Coat

A Grizzly bear costume is one thing, but Grizz Coat claims to be a lifestyle choice. The team behind the project offer the following proverb; “When a pine needle falls in the forest, the eagle sees it; the deer hears it, and the bear smells it.” By their own admission, this has nothing to do with Grizz Coat, but it does mention a bear.

Kickstarter goal: $2,500

Did it succeed? Yes! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and so is fashion apparently.


9. Grilled Cheesus

We give them points for the name. Novelty concept also gets a tick, but we’d have to taste the sandwich before we could lay down any cold hard cash.

Kickstarter goal: $25,000

Did it succeed? Yes! 286 backers have seen the light.


10. Little Eatz, The Treat You BOTH Can Eat!

We know that if you own a pup you’ve been tempted to sample their food at one point or another – or is that just us?  These cookies are made to satisfy both humans and dogs.

Kickstarter goal: $5,000

Did it succeed? No! Ok it was just us then.


11. Eyesores’ Bullpooper: Poop is the new cute

A bull-faced toilet paper roller. That’s it.

Kickstarter goal: $35,000

Did it succeed? No! Couldn’t I buy a real bull and teach it how to hand me toilet paper with that amount of money?


12. Puking Kitty Saucy Boat

Pouring sauce over food is a sacred moment. If the saucer is shaped like a cat it’s weird. If the sauce comes out of its mouth as if it’s puking then it’s simply killing the vibe.

Kickstarter goal: $14,000

Did it succeed? Yes! Oh, we give up.

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