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They Did What?: 

Man makes Magneto shoes, walks upside down


Internet Hero Colin Furze is no ordinary X-Men fan. While most would draw the line at dressing up as the characters – or maybe, at a push, buying the bedspread – Furze makes his own X-Men-inspired inventions. A few weeks ago, he made his own retractable Wolverine claws. And now he’s gone one better and invented a pair of magnetic shoes inspired by Magneto.

Magneto can manipulate metal from a distance, and while Furze can’t quite do that – not yet, anyway – he can walk on the ceiling thanks to his pair of magnetic shoes.

He did so by drilling holes into a pair of old Vans, attaching electromagnets, and charging them up. These proved not strong enough, however.

So he came up with another idea: converting microwave transformers into electromagnets. One trip to the scrap yard later, and he was the proud owner of five microwaves, which he stripped for parts.

After welding together some shoe attachments and adding a switch to control each one, he was ready to start stomping up and down the metal bars he’d attached to his ceiling.

Here he is in action. As you can see, he’s pretty happy with himself, and quite rightly so.

But he’s not finished yet. He still has one more X-men-inspired invention up his sleeve, which he’ll unveil this week. What will it be? Place your bets…

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I need these Magneto shoes. Immediately.
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