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They Did What?: 

The motorbike that rides on water


Alan Gibbs’ amphibious motorbike travels 80mph on land and 37mph on water

Alan Gibbs likes vehicles that drive both on land and water. We mean, he really likes them. He’s previously announced a range of amphibious quad bikes, cars and trucks, and now he’s turned his hand to motorcycles.

You can ride the Gibbs Biski straight onto the water, with no transforming time needed. Just press a button, and it turns into a jet ski, with the wheels retracting and switching to jet propulsion. The whole thing takes less than five seconds.

It’s not just for looks either – this thing moves. It can hit 80mph on land and 37mph on water. As anyone who’s ever ridden a jet ski will tell you, that feels a lot faster when you’re out on the open water.

Out of the drink, it looks more like a scooter than a motorbike, but we can forgive it that.

The Biski isn’t the only vehicle Gibbs has just launched. It also announced the Terraquad, a two-seater whose steering wheel can slide to be either left- or right-hand drive. Or it can sit in the middle if being driven solo. And then there’s the Triski, a three-wheeler that hits similar speeds as the Biski.

With the Terraquad and the Triski, the wheels are pulled up and out of the way when changing to amphibious mode, but the Biski’s stay where they are (the front of the vehicle lifts out of the water at speed, so it won’t cause any drag). All three are only concepts at the moment, but let’s hope they hit a road – and lake – near us soon.

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