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They Did What?: 

Pizza Hut’s 9 craziest crusts from around the world

Much more than just a delicious dinner, the pizza is a timeless design classic. When Italians landed upon the magical combination of cheese, tomato and dough it wasn’t only a flawless recipe, but a revelation in eating itself. Utensils were made redundant – food was now its own plate.

For brave culinary innovators of the world, though, that wasn’t enough. The pizza can give so much more. Experimental toppings were a bold first step, but now the time has come to get creative with crusts. With special thanks to the mad food scientists employed by Pizza Hut, here are nine of the most heroic pizza concepts we’ve come accross.

1) If in doubt, add more cheese

5 cheese pizza crust

When the concept of stuffed crust pizza first emerged, cheese was the most common filling of choice. The logical next step? More cheese, of course. This ‘Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza’ from Pizza Hut US features tearaway pockets filled with a five-cheese blend of provolone, asiago, mozzarella, fontina and mild white cheddar.

2) 360° hot dogs

The infamous 360° hot dog crust is the one that opened up the dreaded door of possibility. Now available in a number of countries including the UK and the Middle East, It seems quite ‘safe’ compared to some of the below monstrosities – conservative even – but without it we mightn’t have gotten into this whole mess in the first place.

3) Cheeseburger or Pizza?

Because sometimes making a decision is just too difficult. Again available in the US as well as other countries – why opt for only pizza when you can order one surrounded by a perfect circle of interconnected cheeseburgers? For starters, it packs a whopping 2,880 calories.

4) Love it or hate it

pizza marmite

Pizza Hut New Zealand weren’t afraid of attracting haters when they launched the CheeZee Marmite back in February. If you’re holding out for a worldwide launch, I wouldn’t hold your breath – this one’s sure to be divisive.

5) Korean Pizza Shrimp Roll

This is where things start to get truly odd – or maybe delicious, who knows? To find out you’d have to visit Pizza Hut Korea, where whole shrimp are baked into the crust as breakaway bites.

6) Oh I do like be beside the seaside

For a proper fish and chip pizza, Indonesia is your place. We’re particularly fond of this advert because of its accompanying song. Sing it with us – “fish, chips, fish and chips, fish, chips, fish and chips…eat Pizza Hut”

7) Beware of flying fish eggs

We might just draw the line at Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza. Not only is it a mouthful to order, but the thought of fish eggs oozing out of the crust isn’t winning us over either. Next!

8) “Reshaping tasty fun!”

Remember earlier when we said that pizza was a design classic? Well according to Pizza Hut Middle East the same can be said for cones, which have “always filled our lives with smiles, joy and thrills”. The solution was obvious.

9) Pizza for breakfast?

You might assume breakfast pizza would contain sausage, bacon – perhaps an egg if you’re feeling daring. This creation from Pizza Hut Kuwait, however, came as quite a surprise, opting for cornflakes to coat the crust for an unexpected pizza crunch.

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