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They Did What?: 

Chinese man recycles old suitcase into battery-powered scooter


He Liangcai’s suitcase scooter is redefining ‘speedy boarding’

Stop! don’t throw away that old suitcase, it has…potential. No, really, you could even turn it into a battery-powered scooter if you want to.

That’s what Chinese inventor He Liangcai did, anyway. The former farmer came up with the idea 10 years ago having forgotten his luggage on the way to accept an award for inventing – seriously, that’s what happened.

As you can see, what began life as a tatty brown suitcase has now been utterly transformed – complete with handlebars for controlling the throttle, breaks and lights.


Ahhh, riding your suitcase along the open road. You can’t beat it.

The throttle? How fast can this thing go?

Liangcai’s suitcase scooter can travel up to 20 km per hour for a distance of 50-60 km – at which point it’ll need to be recharged. Presumably at your nearest suitcase scooter recharging station.

The speedy luggage weighs in at seven kgs and, supposedly, seats two people. It’s also fitted with a horn, GPS navigation and a burglar alarm, reports the Wall Street Journal.

See? We’re bet you’re glad you held onto that suitcase after all. Now you can beat the airport rush and keep your luggage right under your nose at all times.

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