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They Did What?: 

This tiny T-rex just can’t take its eyes off of you


Pretty incredible right? We thought so too.

This watchful T-rex model was designed and created by optical illusion maestro, Busspup, who has been working on projects that trick the naked eye since 2008. He has reached high acclaim with his YouTube channel which has garnered 1.5 million subscribers, showing some of his best work to date – this particular dinosaur being no exception.

As you’ll be able to decipher from the video, this is not a moving object. However, as soon as your eyes move from the back of him and pan around, they automatically adjust to see a 3-D head of a T-Rex. Not only does the little guy keep his eyes focused on yours at all times, but his head looks as though it follows your every move as well. In order to assist with the illusion, the eyes are  not in what would be deemed the ‘correct’ place had this been a 2-D drawing. But all in all, the model is designed cleverly enough that you’ll always feel guilty every time you try to walk away from the world’s most adorable dinosaur.

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