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They Did What?: 

Ugly website designs that will burn your eyes

It wasn’t so long ago that all websites were ugly. In fact, most of them were really, really ugly – but even the ‘nice’ ones made by companies with money would be laughed off the internet had they been launched today.

Thankfully, web design has come a long way since the days of GeoCities pages filled with clip art, but not everyone has kept up to speed. Go Explore has traveled to the deepest and darkest corners of the web to uncover three hideous gems. Visit them at your peril.

1. Ling’s Cars


Cars in space! Because…why not?

There are no words powerful enough to express the insanity of Ling’s Cars. But while Ling Valentine’s UK leasing business may have the messiest and most confusing site on the web, it must be doing something right – helping her to shift £35 million worth of cars in 2010. Ling’s website is so detailed it’s hard to even scratch the surface – there are games, quizzes, a musical tribute to titanic, a chicken that follows your cursor and something called a ‘Car-U-Like-Ator’. Our suggestion? Take a look for yourself and see what bizarre features you can uncover.

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2. The Afterlife

ugly websites the afterlife

Beyond the purely gates…a giant baby shredding an electric guitar. Obviously.

We’ve seen the light! Atheists look away now…actually, everyone look away now to shield your eyes from this ugly monstrosity.  This website’s only purpose is to demonstrate what a journey to the afterlife might look like – albeit using the limitations of clip art and a very restricted spatial awareness. Personal highlights are the chicken rocking out on a Gibson SG and the moon wearing sunglasses towards the finish.

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3. Realistic First aid


Who cares about legibility when the background is this groovy?

Want to create realistic looking scars and injuries? Then we don’t recommend looking here. Although the information may be solid, we really couldn’t tell you thanks to the jarring font colours and ridiculously invasive background. On a more positive note, you can print this website out and use it as a tablecloth.

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Bonus – The original Space Jam website

Ugly websites Space Jam

Like the film, the Space Jam website is a thing of beauty

Any time we are having a bad day we remember that the original Space Jam website exists – reminded that everything is going to be okay after all. Like the film, the website is a truly thing of a beauty and has been untouched since the film’s release in 1996. Most movie websites are removed once the buzz on them has died down so we have no idea why this one still exists, but – needless to say – we’re so, so glad it does.

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  • Ed King


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