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They Did What?: 

UK firm selling zombie fortification cabin

zombie body

Yours for $113,000

It’s no good leaving it until you notice Walmart only has one can of beans left and there are no cars on the road… you need to take pre-emptive action before the undead start taking over.

To help you when the inevitable happens, one British company – Tiger Log Cabins – is offering a Zombie Fortification Cabin on its website. This construction comes with a ’10 year anti-zombie guarantee’, and features an upper deck vantage point, an escape hatch, reinforced windows and doors, an arsenal storage unit and a garden area for growing vegetables. The ZFC-1 also boasts a kitchen area with a microwave, as well as a living area with a TV, Xbox and sound system.

zombie lounge

All mod cons!

The base price is £70,000 ($113,000), but for extra dollars you can add a Big Bear Water Cannon, search lights, security cameras, a flame thrower, riot protection outfit and solar panels. With Halloween only a few weeks away, we’d advise getting fully kitted out. It also costs extra to have it installed, which we’d strongly recommend; you don’t want to be standing there with a screwdriver and 300 planks of wood when the living dead arrive in your neighborhood.

zombie weapon room

Weapons not included

Make sure to follow our tips on how to stop a zombie apocalypse, and give us a call when you’ve built your cabin and stocked the cooler. Good luck everyone.

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